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Classic Bowling: Tips to score high points

02:07 pm, 13th July 2021 Well bowling seems to be a very easy game but when you start playing you know how tough it gets to knock all the pins down. Basically, classic bowling consists of 10 frames in which you will be provided with 2 chance to knock down the pins. If you success in your first attempt you will be rewarded with a full score and if you leave few pins standing then you will get another chance to bowl. If you knock those pins on 1st attempt you will get a st ... Read more

Sweet Memory: A game to sharpen your kids mind

02:08 pm, 11th July 2021 Sweet Memory is a simple and easy game which is suitable for all age group. While flipping each card shows different images it helps to boost mind and lead mind towards active metabolism. The game begins with basic level having only 4 cards and gradually increases in number of cards. As level increases your memory is challenged due to variety of images in each card. This game helps sharpen kids mind and make them quick thinker. They recall thing ... Read more

HTML games : simple, easy and convenient games of 2021

02:08 pm, 09th July 2021 Html has been in use for to create web pages and apps since last 2 decades. Html games are also in use and they are taking huge lead in today's world where there are many gaming platforms offering amazing gaming experience. However, apparently Html is gaining a lot of attention due to its easiness and can be played anywhere on any browser and on different gadgets whether it is pcs, laptops or smartphones. Html games are many in number. There are ... Read more

How to play Galactic Wars??

10:09 pm, 02nd July 2021 This game is so refreshing and a completely energizes mind. Here you will have to save your space from other space crafts and also escape from the bullets coming from those space crafts.  In the game you are the spacecraft on the bottom while other space crafts will be approaching you from the top. If the bullets or fire balls from other crafts touch you then you will have 2 chances and again if it touches your spacecraft you will be provide ... Read more