02nd July 2021
Category: Game Ideas

How to play Galactic Wars??

This game is so refreshing and a completely energizes mind. Here you will have to save your space from other space crafts and also escape from the bullets coming from those space crafts.  In the game you are the spacecraft on the bottom while other space crafts will be approaching you from the top. If the bullets or fire balls from other crafts touch you then you will have 2 chances and again if it touches your spacecraft you will be provided with last chance and in this stage you are touched by other crafts or fireball you die.

The best way is to avoid bullets. Press right and left arrow keys to move in two directions. To shoot other space craft press space bar key. Pay attention to other space crafts as many of them may come towards you at the same time. For each bullet hit on the other space craft you get 10 points. Good Luck with playing Galactic Wars.